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Shaun Tam Chun-Yin Joel Chan Candice Chiu Katy Kung Zoie Tam Cho Wing-Lim Kai-Nam Ho Lee Kwok-Lun

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Mystery Drama

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Since starting out more than a decade ago, painter Yiu Sheung-him has not much luck until gallery boss Fong Chi-ho and his wife Sung Wai-kei discover an old painting created by Sheung-him 18 years ago. And the couple decide to help him become famous, but Sheung-him is simply not in the mood to feel happy. A moment of vanity causes Sheung-him to forgo his principles which he has been steadfastly following. Sheung-him is also consigned to oblivion because of fame and fortune. Shum Yuet, who used to be Sheung-him’s favorite disciple, again hooks up with Sheung-him due to certain vested interests. A mysterious homicide then takes place, and the victim astonishingly turns out to be Sheung-him’s wife Chong Yui-ting. If it’s not one thing, it’s another as scenes of intrigue and deceit play out.

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